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    Sorry no pics this time just fished without worring about camera and wouldn't you know it me and my cousin got the best fish we have caught this year one being a native 14" rainbow and the other being a native 15" brown but hey i guess thats just a fish story without the proof but i can tell you that we caught alot of fish and found out that the #8 goldenstone i tied and put on another thread. Well while i was at the vise tying my 17yr old son made his way home after his camping trip over the weekend and stated he wanted to go fishing well i decided that i best go cause he is at that age and not spending much time with me like he did so we did ok but not like in the morning all in all it was a good weekend fishing just hot.

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    I'll take your word you don't need the pictures. There are more times than not that taking a picture is a hassle. Glad you got to hang with your son too.


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