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Thread: furled leader

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    Default furled leader

    what are the advantages of a furled leader as compared to a knotless tapered leader?

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    I like using furled leaders. I like the way they turn over a fly, though I use tapered as well.

    If you look on the bottom of this page there is an article that goes over some of the benefits as well is issues of furled leader
    Quigley's Furled Leaders
    Here's another site that gives a review of the furled leaders
    Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Review: Quigley's furled leaders review and giveaway!

    I'm sure others will have better replies but thought I'd pass on some of what I've read on the subject.

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    both the articles are about uni cord furled i am looking to make furled mono leaders i mainly fish size 4 bass flies and up would it be a better turn over?

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    Default Re: furled leader

    I use both, and tie a lot of my own leaders, but I have not made a furled leader.
    All the ones I've tried I bought. Although they do seem to last a long time, so for the cost are worthwhile to me.

    For me they have worked well for big flies, and they don't seem to retain the memory coils that single strand leaders usually have, so they lay out nice & straight. I can stretch most of the memory out of a single strand leader, but it's not necessary with the furled leaders.

    They can be made with different types of line such as Uni-thread or mono. With single strand leaders you're pretty much locked into either a mono type material or fluorocarbon. I've never tried making a single strand leader with any of the super braids, but I would bet it's not stiff enough to effectively transfer the line energy & turn over the fly. Might work for tippet, but not the entire leader.

    Of course you could probably use braids for furled leaders. Would be expensive, but man it would be super strong too!

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    You should look up Cutthroat Leaders on here. They are a sponsor of the site. Very nice guy to talk to. Give him a call, he will give you all the details you need. Also Joni on here is a good source I hear.


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    I made a furled leader from 10# mono. Took the line, folded in half and twisted it up, then folded the tail end back over and twisted those together, so that 2/3 was was quad (double twisted) and 1/3 was a single twist. I then tied a 1/3 total length of staight 10# mono to the end. That made my leader with loops at either end. From their I attached my tippet.

    I tried it out on my 8wt this past weekend. Seemed to work well for me.
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    I twist my own mono leaders for bass. I say twist because it's not actually furled. this is why I use them:
    1. Cheaper
    2. They take shock a little better than a tappered leader.
    3. I can twist up any combination I want in minutes. I keep a spool of 8, 10, and 12lb test mono in my truck, this covers most of my LM needs.
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    Default Re: furled leader

    anybody wanna teach me \how to make one?

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    here you go.

    Make sure you take the time to straighten the mono like the video shows.

    Building Furled Leaders Without Jigs or Tools - YouTube
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    Default Re: furled leader

    The benefits of furled leaders are a few.
    1). First and foremost, they transfer more energy to the fly for better presentations and accuracy.
    2). They can last a very long time with only tippet changes.
    3). They have built in tippet protection (slight stretch)

    Some guys love them, some guys hate them.
    Mentioned a few threads ago, twisted leaders are not furled (huge difference) Also, using 10# mono for a furled leader will make a tree trunk thick leader.... not good.

    I am of course biased as I own and operate a furled leader business. If looking for some more info, check out our site or email me directly and I will do my best to answer any and all questions.

    Thank you,

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