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Thread: First Ever Steelhead Fly Rod

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    Jig, I have caught a few bass lately on my 8wt, and even in the 10-12" range they are still fun on the 8wt. Better to be upgunned every once in a while then undergunned often, I would say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jig stick View Post
    Right now im leaning towards the TFO BVK 8wt. I handled it at Cabelas over the weekend, and it felt just as good as the top of the line Sage rods. It was very light, and balanced perfectly with the 3.5 Lamson Litespeed. I handled some St Croix Avids, Imperials, and Legend Elites. They all seemed much heavier than the TFO. And I could hardly tell the difference between the 7wt and 8wt rods. They were so close.

    Ive caught some HUGE steelhead and salmon on downriggers and dipsys in both Ontario and Erie. If im getting into fish of that caliber in the tribs, id definitely feel more comfortable with the 8wt. Im more worried about the 8wt being too much for my bass fishing. I do a lot of bass and crappy fishing in the summer. I guess I could always buy a 5wt later on, and just swap my Litespeed reel on to it?
    Give those guys at International Angler in Robinson a visit, they will take great care of you and work with you on budget. I know they really like the Echo Ion rods which are very reasonable. I think an 8wt is probably best for you given that you'll target larger fish.

    Think of it this way, there's nothing an 8wt can't do that a 5, 6, or 7 can, less the more refinded presentation for trout. The 8 will be fine for Bass, although for smallies I tend to prefer either a 5wt or 7wt depending on whether I'm fishing dries or streamers/multi fly rigs.

    You could always put another spool on your reel for a different weight line and yes, pick up a better suited rod for bass when the funds are available to do so. Don't forget to look in the classified forum, there are lots of good deals that can be had from time to time. Just ask Okuma Good luck once again with that rod by the way Mike! Hope to fish with you again this year and watch you land some steel with it!
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