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Thread: So here is my first attempt

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    Default So here is my first attempt

    So guys i had some free time today and tried my hand at tying wooly buggers no teacher just a step by step video and it was going great until i had to pull out the hackle pliers because i plucked some really short saddle hackle.
    so here are some pics

    so luckily the bluegill around here will eat anything so ill test it out Wednesday and see if it catches any. feel free to make fun of it I am laughing at it myself.

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    Default Re: So here is my first attempt


    That looks about right to me. No one here will laugh, trust me on that, it'll be a good fish catcher. I hope you'll keep tying, fishing, and posting to the board here.

    Welcome to the forum,


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: So here is my first attempt

    A lot of beginner tiers think that the first flies the make are ugly and won't catch anything. Pretty flies catch fishermen, ugly flies catch fish.
    It seems the more beat up the fly is, the more fish it catches. That's just an observation on my part.
    Keep it up, but remember it's just fish food.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    Default Re: So here is my first attempt

    I'm thinking, "Fish On"!

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    Default Re: So here is my first attempt

    Don't worry we all,in the beginning made some roughies,however they still caught fish,anyway after catching a few fish you really can't tell the difference between a well tied one & a roughie.
    An Old Scottish guy who was in our Fishing Club who made some of the Roughest Flies imaginable,which he caught heaps of fish on used to say "If the Fish want tailor made Flies I'll tie them for them"

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    Default Re: So here is my first attempt

    looks fishable - keep tying, as other have said, my first ones were way worse than that and they caught fish.


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    Default Re: So here is my first attempt

    There's definitely something to be said for "chewed up" flies.

    Last Summer I fished a Chernobyl Ant down to one leg! The other 3 had been chewed off by other fish. It was a lucky fly for off-color water (after a big rain). I finally lost it on an overhanging limb on the other side of the stream (too deep for wade across and get........although I thought about doing just that for a long time).

    I think your first WBs look good. No go have some fun fishing them!


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    Default Re: So here is my first attempt

    Hi Drlasser,

    Thanks for sharing your first Woolly Buggers. Nothing to laugh about with that fly. Fly tying is a process and it takes time and practice to improve. Most fly tiers are learning all of their tying career.


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    Default Re: So here is my first attempt

    Quote Originally Posted by mojo View Post
    Pretty flies catch fishermen, ugly flies catch fish.
    Totally agree with Mojo....that doesn't mean yours is ugly and my favorite still water fly is the Ugly Green...

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    Default Re: So here is my first attempt

    That will fish just fine, I totally agree with Mojo and Frank! Keep at it and have fun fishing with flies that "YOU" have tied, you will find that is really provides a sense of pride and satisfaction when you start landing fish on flies you created. You will learn that fly tying is a life long learning process, there is always something new to learn. Now that the summer fishing is coming to a close, we will start offering fly swaps, you might be interested in, take a look and jump in if interested, you don't have to be an expert to participate, we just want you to participate and have fun!


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