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    hi guys has anybody used the orvis western 3 if so whats it like,am thinking of buying one.


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    hey terry,
    i have never used that model, but have used many orvis rods and reels and i have never had a problem with there products or there customer service. so i would definitely recommend it.



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    I think the Western 2 and 3 series is made for European fishers. I've seen mention of it for years and it's mostly been from British fly fishers. Did you post this on the British version of this site?
    There was a Western series years ago in the U.S. but that was discontinued.
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    I am actually listing one on ebay at this moment, for a friend. The butt says Western, the tube says Alaskan. It's a 9'3" 8wt. A little slow for my liking. Actually, a lot slow for my liking. But fans of that slower style and look (its the old unsanded blank) might really enjoy it.

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    Cant say i know anything about that particular rod bigtel. However, i do own some Orvis accessories that i really like. The quality and workmanship is great. The chestpack i own is super comfortable and really couldnt be anymore perfect for a day on the river. Unfortunately they stopped making it, AFAIK.

    I had the opportunity to cast a Helios a could weeks back and ever since i have been figuring out how i can justify the expense and not upset the Mrs.....

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