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Thread: Single person drift boats?

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    find a friend or two, split the cost of a boat, and then you don't have to row all the time!
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    This is my new NFO (Scadden) Assault XX. 1300 lb. capacity, frameless and tips the scale at 38 lb. But it's more than 6 bills. Class 5 whitewater rated if you are experienced (sorry Jimi).
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    Another option is a NuCanoe with a rowing rig-

    [ame=]Tim Niemier Rows the NuCanoe - YouTube[/ame]

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    Yikes, dont know if I'd be comfortable going down class III no matter how well that thing handles, but thats just me.

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    Hyde make a small 1 or 2 person drifter.
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    What you're looking for is called a "Pram". I've seen fiberglass boats, and wooden boats (and even one made from welded aluminum). The wooden boats are the least expensive (you can even build your own if you've got some wood working skill and some basic tools). The glass boats will be lighter.

    The wooden boats should be fine for class 2 stuff - and if you're good on the sticks and your boat is built well, class 3 probably wouldn't be an issue. Not sure how warm & fuzzy I'd be with that - but then again I'm not much of a white water runner.

    If $600 is your top end budget - a wooden pram is going to be the best fit - unless you go with an inflatable boat. I'd look at Craigslist - it's pretty frequent that there are prams listed. If you can't find what you're looking for in Washington, check out the Portland or Eugene craigslist sites.
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    Hi iceman,

    Of course you know that the most important facet of drifting down a river is logistics. Drop off and take out point and how you shuttle the vehicle between them often becomes more important than what you are using to float with. I have 2 pontoon boats one of which is a Fish Cat Cougar one man boat. These are still made but have a new name, they have 4 air bladders and are extremely stable in rough water due to the duel tube on each side. These are an AIR / Outcast products and I just checked the website, they call them the PAC 9000 and the price is way up there.

    If you chose to use pontoons over a hard hull drifter I would recommend hanging onto your 600 dollars and saving more toward the purchase. You should find a raft dealer as close as possible to you and deal there. The reason is that if and when you have a leak whether it is a bad valve or a defective air bladder having warranty service at hand matters. Another thing to consider is that by going with one of the established leaders in construction and sales of rafts the warranties are very good and service on the tubes is immediate with no waiting around for anything. The better the watercraft the better the service. Of course there are instances where people have purchased a 299..00 raft at one of the big box stores, used them for 6 years and never had a problem. I don't know any of these people myself. When I had an issue with the 13' 2 man boat last year there were other tubes in the shop at Alaska Raft & Kayak Co. so I was left to assume that things do go wrong no matter what you pay. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you should make sure that when trouble comes you have support for your boat.

    I am starting to see boats like the one Mojo posted the picture of up here now and the owners seem to be very happy with them. Good luck with the search and never overlook your local craig's list. many people buy these and after a couple years realize that they are not using them. When that happens they can be had at tremendous savings.

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