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Thread: Thoughts on furled leaders

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    Just wondering about furled leaders and if they really work better for casting larger/weighted flies? And if those made of flurocarbon will sink a bit faster than those made from mono? Thanks.

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    Furled Leaders provide more energy to the fly. More energy equals better turn over. Now with very large flies, you still need to use appropriate sized tippet. A Heavy furled leader and 5x tippet will not turn over a heavy fly. Energy is transferred through the cross section of the leader / tippet. If the step down is too drastic, much energy will be lost. This is only an issue when throwing heavy weighted flies. I personally prefer Thread butt sections that transition to a spectra braid for large streamers etc. We offer streamer leaders with very small swivels to eliminate any line twist caused by large streamers.

    Our most popular nymphing leaders simply have more material in the butt section to promote turn over of heavy flies. Nymphing leaders should also be shorter in length.

    For Dry Fly Fishing, a thread-furled leader cannot be beat by any other leader out there. Yes, that is my opinion, but it is also the opinion of most dry fly guys that actually try a furled leader for dry fly fishing.

    Hope this helped. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

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    I had bought a furled leader made of mono from Fleabay awhile back and thought it was nice. Then I got a hybrid furled leader from Mike at Cutthroat Leaders - wow! - what a difference in how supple these are. I can't wait to give it a try, thanks Mike.

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    I got one a couple of weeks ago from Joni. It's a 12'er made of Kevlar. It goes down like a brick and turns over like a ... something that turns over really well.

    I just mailed her a check for it and another one.

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