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    Well, I havent had much chance to get on the creek latly, and I have been wanting to try my new waders out but we have had some recent rain that got the water a bit high for my liking for wading.. also kinda muddy. This creek cleans out fairly fast but going into winter I know will get more rain. I decided to fish from the one bank I could cast from in these conditions. I tried a dark sanwan worm and a black bugger with a proppeller on it. My goal more then anything was to get some casting in since I havent been fishing as much. But my question is would there be a tactic to fish these murky faster water???

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    When I do fish murky water, I choose a streamer. Depending on the visibility in the water, I use either white w/ silver flash or chartreuse. I also use extra fast sinking polyleaders w/ bead chain clousers and fish slow as possible. The other thing you may want to look for is a mudline. If you can, fish the edge of it.

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    locate the fish with streamers like Okuma said. Last spring Boulder creek went over 1000cfs a few times (late fall flow is like 20cfs). I caught some nice browns on white streamers that I would otherwise not use. If/when the fish have clued into your streamers and are not striking, switch to multi fly weighted setups with some very bright flies.

    I was using a #8 girdle bug with huge legs, #16 san juan in bright red or pink, and a smaller flashback copper john all on the same line under an indicator.
    Fishing three flies allows working various depths at the same time, which is good if you can't see anything. For my three flies I try to pick something brightly colored, something big and leggy, and the third is much more natural. The first two are for drawing attention and being visible, the third natural looking fly is for the picky fish who have inspected the bright and leggy and have refused them. Last spring people were actually laughing out loud saying, "you're fishing... now??? Good luck!!!"
    Fish fighting fast current are going to get hungry, and need to eat.
    I was sooooo pleased to tell them I had just landed a dozen or so in a few hours.

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    95% of my fishing is with a 2-hander, but this is where the 7wt Sage XP gets 'dusted off.' Line the rod with one of Jim Teenie's (sp?) sinking head lines and your really good to go ... deep and fast.

    Most consistent fly I've found is really very simple. Hook with wraps of lead wire, then flat silver tinsel over that, and UV white chenille for the body. Either as a hackle or tail, a bit of chartreuse. Couple of feet of leader off the sink tip and 'good to go.'

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    thanks, Ill give a few things a try. It looks like itll be getting colder next week with rain.. not sure what Ill be doing fishing wise.

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