I learned how to fly fish specifically to hunt for goldens. After 2-3 years of learning to fly fish up in the high lakes of Colorado and the Winds, I decided it was time to finally target goldens. I shot up to Pyramid Lake in the Winds, a lake that was reported to hold small numbers of very good golden trout. I got there no problem but the scouting conditions were very poor, mostly screaming wind and cold temps. Finally after two days of scouting, I saw two goldens in the 2-3 pound class cruising the outlet. I dropped a scud right in their path. One of them went for right for it, opened its mouth, and at the last second refused the fly. I was devastated - after three years of commitment I would be denied that day. My first golden trout should have been a 3# monster, but it was not to be.

I have caught goldens since but nothing as nice as those bruisers I saw at Pyramid.