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Thread: Vermont Flood Recovery

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    Default Vermont Flood Recovery

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    The fine folks at Vermont Emergency Management (many my friends) worked ardently to restore not just the roadways and the structures damaged by that biotch named Hurricane Irene, they also put concious effort into restoring fisheries. I wish that we had done as well in many areas of NYS.

    In speaking to locals at the Orvis flagship in Manchester, VT, they were saying that locals were already spotting and catching great fish in some of the impacted areas by Thanksgiving time. They said that their biggest loss was the hatcheries.
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    Default Re: Vermont Flood Recovery

    No matter where this type of flooding occurs I am no less amazed by the extent of the damage to both developed properties and to the natural habitat. These are the first pictures I've seen of the destruction VT. endured but was keenly aware of similar destruction in the Loyalsock Valley of Pennsylvania last September. In that scenario of the worst on record the USGS was unable to quote a crest of the flood waters due to the fact that all of the gaging stations were destroyed by the rampaging Loyalsock Creek.

    Having many friends & family in PA. I received many pictures of areas I no longer recognized both during the flooding and after. First hand reports came from my brother who lost everything but his car to the creek. Being a person of meager means I can send only my best wishes for recovery to the people and the fisheries that have suffered.

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