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    Hi i wanted to introduce my self im Joseph Russell (sumojo) from Lancaster ca, born and raised . i wanted to learn fly fishing ever since i was a little kid.
    one of my new friend got me in to it again when he gave me one of his older rods that he started with. So now i have been practicing for about a month now .
    and i love it just caught my first fish last week on it . my friend and i are going on a trip this summer to the kern river so i will be ready by then Yee i can't wait .
    thanks for reading Joseph Russell

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    Welcome to the forum, Joe! Had relatives in Lancaster, up until about 12 years ago....

    You'll find lots of great info here, from lots of folks who are all very willing to share their experiences and knowledge. I'm a relative "newbie", myself, As I only joined a few moonths ago, but it's a very welcoming group.
    - Rick

    "A leader with great passion and few skills always outperforms a leader with great skills and little passion." Chief Rick Lasky

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    Hi Joe.
    Welcome,you are in The Best place for info as there are people here from everywhere whom I have found to be very helpful.

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    Welcome Joe from another this site. Long time fly rod hand myself. Keep in mind, practice makes perfect. Perfection is something in fly fishing we all strive for but never achive. We just have to keep trying. Lets say it's like a desease that can never be cured so you just have to keep treating it. That's my passion for fly rods. You will develope the same. Just give it time. All fish can be caught on a flyrod.

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