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Thread: good anglers pliers and COO...

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    Default good anglers pliers and COO...

    Anyone know where the Van Staal, Ross, Abel, or Hatch pliers are made?

    Looking for something US made at that price point... will I have any luck?

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    Default Re: good anglers pliers and COO...

    Although I have seen these tools and think they are pretty nifty I carry a Leatherman Wave. It does a lot for me; I live in Alaska and have many big toothy fish that I need to remove hooks from every year and the Wave is good. It also has a bunch of tools that have been very handy in the bush.

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    Default Re: good anglers pliers and COO...

    I think that Ross and Van Staal pliers are made in the USA. Not 100% sure.

    Abel pliers are made in Camarillo, California.

    Hatch pliers are made in Vista, California.

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    Default Re: good anglers pliers and COO...

    well, I just checked with Van Staal, and theirs (as is all of their items) is made in China... amazing a $350 pair of pliers in China?

    So I'm going to check with Hatch where I know my reel was US made.... and maybe Able and Accurate.. or Ross.

    I do have a Leatherman Wave, (both a standard model, and the Damascus limited edition version) as well as the Ti Charge, and love both of them, but I want Pliers that are always out, and a bit lighter to carry.

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    Default Re: good anglers pliers and COO...

    I have a leatherman also the skeletool model and really like it very light and functional. Also it was a Christmas gift so the price was right
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