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    I dropped my fly reel on the ground when I was taking it off the Rod last time I was out. It hit the ground on the rock bed on the shore of the river. I thought nothing of it. I went out tonight and noticed that it had a "Rub" as I was stripping off line. When I went to reel in the line is was even more obvious. It was actually difficult to reel as it kept hanging up every revolution. I fought it for an hour or so and when I came home it appears the shaft that the spool connects to is actually slightly bent. I tried forcing it back and now its loose and all over the place. It's an STH Mr POP 2.0. Is that a cheapo reel? I think I paid $80 for it as part of my initial package. I read the warrantly and any damaged parts would be replaced at cost + Labor. It would also be $15 for return shipping + what it costs me to send it back. I think I'm just going to scrap it. I just cant believe that a 3' fall could do that much damage.
    Anyone have any suggestions for a replacement (6wt)? I would like to keep it around the same price or maybe even a little less.

    Also, can I recycle my line and backing? There's 100 yards of backing on the reel that I have never come close to seeing and the line only has about 20 hours on it.

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I'm in a hurry too... lol. I've only had my rod for about 6 weeks and now I cant be without it. Septemeber fishing for smallies on the susquehanna is alot of fun!!!

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    6wt eh?
    Well for 80$ you have a rather big range of good reels.
    Theres the pflueger summit fly reels. Large arbor and 80$.
    Cabela's -- Pflueger Summit® Fly Reels
    Bass pro shops sells the pflueger trion fly reel for 80$, compared to Cabela's which sells for 100$.
    Pflueger Trion Fly Reels
    Then theres the bass pro shops reels. Hobbs creeks large arbor for 40$, and dogwood canyon for 30$
    I own a hobbs creek large arbor, and its extremely light for its size. Even with 6wt line, it would still be a bit on the light side. And it can take punishment from rocks and even sand in the gears. But if sand does get in there, pop the spool out and wash it fast.
    Hobbs Creek Large Arbor Fly Reels or Spare Spools

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    The Pflueger Trion looks like a real nice reel for the Money. I also like the price of the Hobbs Creek. It's not as "pretty" but I read the reviews and I didn't see anything that would indicate it's junk. My thoughts are that the Rod and Line are more important than the reel. I have to be honest and say that of the 40 or 50 fish I have caught so far, I have yet to get a fish on the reel. I tend to be more confident stripping the line with my free hand. I guess I have yet to get into a really large fish so I have had a fish really run on me. The largest fish I caught so far is about a 15" smallmouth and I played him on the line I had stripped from the reteive.

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    Hi Surfin,

    Too bad about your reel. You can reuse you backing and fly line. You haven't had it long enough to deteriorate. You better get back out there while the fishing is hot.

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