Fly Fishing with Doug Macnair:
Product Update
Smart Spooler

Doug Macnair

Have you ever fished “dirty water?” That’s water that might look pristine and pure but isn’t. Dirty water is water that’s loaded with pollutants. When the authorities advise not eating the fish, it’s serious. Pollution now adversely effects about one-third of our freshwater sources and more than a little of our coastal waters. Not only does pollution work its ill will on our fisheries, it also isn’t what the doctor ordered to maintain our expensive fly lines.

This isn’t news to most of us. We’ve been aware of pollution’s effect for a long time; but while some of us are involved with trying to save our fisheries the vast majority of us fail to pay much attention to our fly lines. The reason is simple: It takes too much time after a hard day of fishing. True … those who fish the salt know that if they don’t at least rinse their fly line, it won‘t cast worth a hoot next time out. But the backing …

Now from across the sea comes Smart Spooler, a neat product that simplifies the maintenance of fly line and backing. Supported by a cordless drill, Smart Spooler offers a quick method to strip a fly reel of line and backing making cleaning and desalinating a far easier task than ever before.

Does it work? You bet! It might take you a few minutes to read the directions and count the parts, but once that done actual use becomes easy. The directions, by the way, are clear and concise. If there is a limitation to Smart Spooler it is with the winder -- a necessary part when reloading the reel using the drill. It works with most any fly reel except for those that do not possess a counterweight opposing the handle. Thus, about 85% of all fly reels are accounted for …

Smart Spooler is a Roland Henrion design and a product of Smart Fisher SA, Belgium. It comes nicely packaged in its own container that measures approximately 6.5 x 6.5 inches. Storage is not a problem; neither is taking it afield. It weighs very little and a cordless drill is not an absolute necessity: Smart Spooler can be operated manually. Slower? Yes! Less effective? No! Keep in mind that Smart Spooler is a perfect resting place for your line and backing as they thoroughly dry. Loading line and backing back to the reel manually is no more consuming than the time it took to do your original setup. Time is not, after all, always of the essence.

In summary, Smart Spooler is a wonderful addition to the equipment inventory of the fly fisher. Compact, self-contained, convenient, and reliable, Smart Spooler makes these tasks very simple: The pictures tell the story…

This is a tool you will come to love! For more for more information about Smart Spooler, contact Smart Fisher at Smart Spooler fishing line winder, the complete system for reel maintenance, fly line & backing cleaning, caring and storing. The ideal fishing gift for the quality minded and saltwater angler. Videos are available at the site.


PS. There is also a spin/bait casting version of Smart Spooler now available.

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