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    I'm probably one of the least typical members of this forum because I got into fly fishing specifically to catch bluegill and smallmouths (but mostly bluegill). And what fun I've had fishing all morning at the few farm ponds that I have access to! Watching a feisty little 'gill take that popper or foam killer bee (which I've now learned how to tie) never gets old for me.

    However, I am just getting back into the sport after a several-year layoff. About 5 years ago, I had to relocate to El Paso, TX. If you're at all familiar with that area of the country, you'll know that it's in the middle of the Chihuahuan desert, which means fly fishing opportunities are few and far between. I once tried some the "rivers" in southern New Mexico, but that just didn't cut it. Maybe that was because I laughing too hard when I was told that the 4-foot wide trickle that I almost tripped over was the "river" I was looking for.

    But the story has a happy ending. I moved back to the Bluegrass last year, and I've now decided to try my hand at trout fishing. Looking forward to getting out to Otter Creek State Park, but I have to wait a couple of week still for my broken foot to heal.

    That's about it for my introduction. Tight lines to all here!

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    Hi Chuck,

    I've spent some time in Sun City and the only way I could have wet a line there would have been in the sink. Welcome to the forum and you'll be glad to know that we have a large group of Blue Gil lovers here.


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    Add a second welcome here; sounds like you're up for some fun sport.

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    Chuck: Welcome to the forum and good luck with the gill fishing, they certainly can be a blast on a fly rod!

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