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    Unhappy I'm concerned - Ross Reels

    I just went to the Ross Reel website to learn more about the Evo LT. When I got there I learned I had two options... 'Buy Now' or 'Read Reviews'. That is just plain lame and got me hoping that Ross doesn't go the same way as Charlton and JW Outfitters when taken under the wing of big 'ol 3M. Needless to say, I'm concerned.

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    If you look right below each reel model there is also a 'More Info' link. It has all the specs, 360 view etc.
    As far as I can tell, nothing has changed on the Ross website. Further I had the opportunity to use their customer (warranty) service a couple of weeks ago and had a terrific experience. Things are still excellent on that regard so I don't see any impact (negative or positive) from the new ownership under 3M.

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    I agree with Jackster about the untimely demise of Charlton reels but unlike that expensive, super high end, difficult to mfg. product, 3M seems totaly behind Ross and its growth. Ross remains the kind of odd company it has long been in that each series of reels features a different drag system design rather than a scalled size model like most reel makers. I eagerly await more comentary on F1 in part because it is their most interesting design to date and it may have trickle down potential. Couple monts back I had the opportunity to upgrade my airline carry-on rod case and I selected the Ross 6" diameter, 4 pc. rod model which clearly has JW design roots and off course, JW's, Jeff W. heads SA and is the force behind Sharkskin and Textured series lines.

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    Whew! You're right mysticm. I tried that site a few times before posting this dire topic. I was truly concerned. It ended up that Evo page was super slow in loading and only gave me the basic opening screen. With a lot of patience after reading your post I waited and after a while the scroll button worked.
    Thanks... as they say my bad, somewhat!

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    I would not be concerned with Ross. Right after 3M's purchase, Ross' product manager made the rounds to fly shops to say hi and to answer any questions about the buyout. He pretty much said that the only major change was personnel paperwork. Otherwise, it is business as usual.

    I have been out of the fly fishing biz for six months now. Before I left, Ross was still operating with its high standards of customer service. Orders arrived on time. Customer warranties were handled in a timely manner.


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