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Thread: Going to give it a try....

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    ..trout fishing that is. I have some experience with fly fishing for stripers/blues, mostly off the back of a boat casting into the rips. Fortunately or may be unfortunately it doesn't take a lot of casting skills. Being that I don't live on the ocean but do have access to some good trout fishing I'm going to try my patience.
    For the most part I’m looking at stock fish in the 10-18” range. The two rivers I’m thinking about are mid-size (whatever that means) with plenty of room to cast. That said I’m sure my line will find every overhanging branch. On occasion I’d also like to try another river that offers some smallmouth fishing.
    So my question is whether or not a 6wt is overkill. I happen to have an Orvis 6wt (allrounder?) and a battenkill reel.
    Thanks for any advise!

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    Hi tippet,

    Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to your post.

    I suggest you use the 6wt setup you now have. Later you can buy a lighter rod if you really like trout fishing. The 6wt may be a bit heavy but a lot of people have learned to trout fish with a 6wt, myself included. Do you know what fly line you have? If it is a saltwater line you might want to buy a new trout taper for freshwater.

    Make sure you report back to us on how you do. I strongly suggest you get a casting DVD or find someone to give you some casting lessons.


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    Welcome to the group and the freshwater end of the sport. I'm in agreement with Frank that while a 6wt isn't quite ideal for trout, it will definitely work.

    And using a roll cast is the best way to stay out of the trees.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Thanks for those quick responses.
    I just got done rummaging in the attic and did come across another Orvis rod which is a Green Mountain 5wt. The line on the reel is labeled 6wt. I’m thinking I can try both rods and see which one I like best.
    This should be fun and I’m looking forward to spring.

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    BONUS you found the 5wt (and it is a nice rod). I agree that either will be fine. Check out the RIO Windcutter II floating line for the future. It is a killer line. For a 6wt. the tip of the line is is one size lighter and the belly one size heavier than normal line. Cuts like a hot knife in butter. Another great line ins the Rio Trout Select. Remember, next to fly the line is the most important thing.

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