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    Have been looking for a 7'6 rod in either a 4 or 5 weight and just came across the Ross Essence. It is in my price range, but I would like to hear some opinions from people who have used the rod. Also, about Ross as a company.

    I will be fishing for browns and bows, probably no bigger than 17 inch fish. usually throw 2 nymphs with weight and an indicator.
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    I have the 7.5 4 weight and I like it, although I must admit, it is a backup. I had broken an old Sage, and while waiting for the rebuild to arrive, I bought the Ross to tide me over. Good buy for the price. I prefer a dry/dropper with it, but it can handle a two nymph rig well enough. milt.
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    I love Ross! They make great products and good customer service. That being said Allen Fly fishing is on here and has gain a good reputation for good stuff too. They have awesome customer service from what I have seen. I will be looking at them next time I get a new toy.
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    I never had to deal with Ross in terms of rod warranties.

    As for its reels, Ross is the best in customer service. Ross handles its warranty services quickly. I sent one of my customer's Ross Cimmaron in for service on a Monday. It was back in the shop the following Friday (California to Colorado and back). Service like that was very common.


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