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Thread: Whatcha listenin to?

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    The Baseball game on the radio while waiting for the rain to stop! Good to go old school now and then!
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    old school primus


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    Cardoso's Milonga. I have to play it tonight at a recital......................

    [ame=]Milonga - Cardoso (play a piece of one´s own composition) - YouTube[/ame]


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    Last week I finally remembered to look for a copy of The Traveling Wilburys when I was in a store that sells such things. Today I'll burn a copy for the truck.
    Yesterday, before I started my PT, I dug thru the closet and brought out all my old 7" reels of tape and played some of that while I grunted my way to a healthy spine. First pick at random: The sound track from the Movie "FM". Some good tunes. Two on there "Bad Man" by Randy Meiser and "Livingston Saturday Night" by Jimmy Buffet give a little wink and a nod to stat rape. My how times have changed.

    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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    [ame=""]PRIMUS - Fish On[/ame]
    "...Nympin' ain't Easy"

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    Big band jazz. From Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, and the Dorsies, to the new stuff from today's artists. Also New Orleans jazz, and the blues.
    As a guy who had his first date and first car in the 60's, I like that old time rock and roll,too
    " I'm just a cook " Casey Ryback, Under Siege

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    I listen to a lot of rock : Rush, Foo fighters, fuel, goo goo dolls, matchbox twenty, Bob Seger, and Bryan Adams are some of my favorites.
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    I like listen to a wide variety of things but have always been a country fan. I pre ordered the new Luke Bryan album on ITunes and it came last night. Have to say one of my favs right now, it has a different new sound to it than regular country but its worth a listen.

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    My daughter Ally (on the right), wandering in the desert...

    [ame=]The Head and the Heart - Another Story [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO] - YouTube[/ame]

    Daughter to Father, " How many arms do you have, how many fly rods do you need?"

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    Odd off as this may sound the TV show "Family Feud" Lots of odd off questions and you get 'point.' 200 and you win. Know who comes up with these questions but the answers are amazing.

    Win five 'games' and you win a new car, in the day to day, just money.

    Total hoot to watch!
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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