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Thread: How many?

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    Default How many?

    Just curious as to how many rods you all take to the water? yesterday i was thinking in could have used a 9' in a couple spots that would have got me up and over the tall grass and weeds, and a couple other places a good short ros would have gottn me under the trees hanging over the stream. If more then do you carry them?

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    Default Re: How many?

    So count me on the OCD end of this question.

    If I am going alone I take the following (this applies to 99% of my outings)

    1WT (with reel)
    3wt (with reel or spare spool for the 1wt reel loaded with 3wt)
    7'10" 4wt in case the wind is up
    9' wt in case I hit a bigger piece of water heading to where I am going.

    Most of the time wind and fly selection dictate which of the above get to come and play. No wind and dries = 1wt etc etc. Sometimes I take my Orvis backpack which has a place to strap 2 rods to so I will rig one up and carry the other two.

    If my buddy is coming who doesnt have gear I throw in another 3wt and 9' 4wt and reels.

    The worst is my other buddy who takes no less than 6 rods for himself and matching reels. I guess he is a little more OCD than me . Funnypart is he remembers 6 rods, cameras, guns, spare socks but always forgets his sandwich, nippers, net
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    Default Re: How many?

    Since this question is posted in the Coldwater forum, I'm guessing your interest is in trout fishing. I don't trout fish much, but when I do, I may take 2 rods. Either a 3 or 4 wt, and my 6 wt. I then choose based on the water conditions, and will only string up & use one rod. I have switched rods, when whichever I chose first didn't seem to be working out. Harder to adjust with just the one.

    Otherwise, I may carry more than one rod, depending on where & how I'm fishing. On a boat, chasing bass or Stripers, I'll often have 2 or sometimes 3 rods rigging & ready with different types of flies. Opportunities often present themselves quickly, and may depart just as quickly, so I try to be as prepared as possible!

    Bass or Striper fishing with conventional tackle, for the same reasons as above, I might have as many as 7-8 rods rigged up on the boat.

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    Default Re: How many?

    It depends on my situation.

    Most of my walk and wade trout streams, I take one rod.

    Drift or jet boat trout trips - three rods (one dry, one indicator, one streamer)

    Jet boat shad trips - three rods (ghost tip, type 3 tip, type 6 tip)

    Float tube - two rods (usually a floater and one sinking line)

    Drift or bass boat striper trips - two rods (different shooting head rigs)

    Saltwater boat rides - three rods


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    Default Re: How many?

    im thinking more of the walk and wade, or a hike a couple miles. I fish for trout on small streams, sometimes walking some distance. If you take more than one, how do you strap/carry/transport that extra rod?

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    Default Re: How many?

    I try to keep it at two.

    It is an evolving process lately:

    creeks, 3wt dry and 5wt streamer. Both floating lines unless water is up.
    tailwaters, 5wt dry and 6wt streamer, sink tip for the streamer.
    float trips, never been going to fix that this summer?!
    Still water lakes, trout/cold: 5wt dry, 6wt 15' sink tip or 24' fast sinking tip on a spare spool. If there are musky I have brought a 10wt w/steel leader (still have not seen one...)
    Warm water lakes, bass/walleye/whatever: 6wt with 2 sink tips, 7wt sink tip.
    Pontoon, 6wt and 7wt, float and sink tips on spare spools.
    Saltwater, will be a virgin fly rodder in the keys and Mexico in 2 weeks, bringing a 7wt and 10wt that can be stolen without heartbreak.

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    Yeah, I was wondering this as well. I'm going to Alberta this summer for bull trout and cutthroats. I'm bringing my 2 piece 7-weight for the bulls, but that's overkill for the cutts, so I'd use my shorter 3 piece 5-weight if I wanted to catch trout. It's going to be all walk and wade, so I'm going back and forth on whether I want to carry two rods to be able to swap back and forth, or if I'm going to just have to choose whether to go after bulls or cutts for each particular day.

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    Default Re: How many?

    It all depends...
    I own 6 fly rods of different weights and 4 casting rods.
    I usually do research on where I'm going and come prepared.
    Presentation is everything.

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    Default Re: How many?

    Ive only got three rods, but I try to keep it as simple as possible.

    9' 5 Weight L-tech for trout
    10' 7 weight Clearwater II for bigger stream/steelhead and bass/striper if its calm
    9' 8 weight powell loaded with 9 weight line if its windy or throwing bigger bugs.

    But if im hiking a few miles like I did this weekend and fishing for trout its just me, my backpack, and my 5 weight and Ill figure it out if i have to.

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    Default Re: How many?

    One, generally the 5w Far and Fine. When it gets low, clear and spooky, the 3 w Superfine.

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