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    Hit my one of my favorite lakes last Saturday for Muskies. The weather was intermittent "waterfalls" but fairly calm. I used mainly a 9" black fly that I tie and they were all over it. I landed 7 between 34" and almost 40". Had three other bites and lost one that got into my backing that I never saw. All on barbless hooks also.

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    this would be so fun. Im guessing your using a wire leader of some kind?

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    Sounds like an epic day of Muskie fishing, congrats!
    Send photos!

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    very nice!

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    Two weeks ago I made the post that I caught 7 Muskies in one day. I did'nt take any photos because it was raining cats and dogs. Last weekend I went out Muskie fishing again and caught absolutly nothing. This last Saturday again found me throwing the fluff for Muskies and this time another 7 fish boated out of 10 bites and pictures. The biggest was 46" and the smallest was 32". I am much better at fishing than computer usage so I hope the pictures work.

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    I guess I dont Know how to get pictures up. On the lower left the note says "I may not post attachments" Anybody know what to do?

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    There is a thread somewhere about wat to do. The easiest way, atleast for me is to upload them to a photobucket account. Then you will see an IMG code listed below the picture. Copy and paste that into the reply/thread and the picture will show up.

    I"d like to see some of these!

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