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    I have never felt the urge to spend Big Money on a Fly Rod.......but Oh MY Goodness!! Check this out

    Available Sale Rods

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    Beautiful!...but can you imagine stumbling along a muddy creek with one of those? I'd never dare to fish with one.
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    Those are exceptional works of art. The attention to detail is phenomenal. One can dream
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    Quote Originally Posted by wannafish View Post
    Beautiful!...but can you imagine stumbling along a muddy creek with one of those? I'd never dare to fish with one.
    Yeah...I get the vision of the truck door slammin shut on it......

    But still...on the perfect day, on the perfect water.....just once?

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    Aside from the handle I like the bamboo in the first link. Although the fine scroll work on the hardware may be a bit ostentatious I could get used to it. I love the translucent / transparent wraps but the handle and seat would need to be more along traditional lines for my taste. Cork on the grip and perhaps a dark Amboina wood seat and I think the 2100 is a reasonable price..

    As for worrying about breaking a rod like that, I have one that would cost about the same to replace and trust me you don't let them near truck doors unless they are dismantled and in the tube. You also become adept at not stumbling around carrying a rod like that.

    Nice stuff those,


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    Those are awesome rods. I really like that 7' 6" Payne with the rattan handle. Now I know what I want for a retirement. Just need to figure what reel to match it. vr

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