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Thread: needing a travel rod

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    Default needing a travel rod

    what do you guys think of the Ross essence. Looking into a 9' 6wt four piece. I will be doing some long hiking and a travel rod would make it so much easier.
    They claim that this rod is an excellent performer. compare it to rods costing much more. I know....sales pitch blah blah blah. Thats why im asking you more qualified guys than me. Im not looking for a rod like a top ross or orvis. Just a rod thats dependable, does what i need, doesnt look like **** in the process and something thats not going to fall apart while im using it. Plus its on sale right now for under 120 and free shipping.

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    Default Re: needing a travel rod

    I have a Ross Essence FS 8'6" 3wt and am pleased with it.

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    Wabi, thats the exact one im looking at only in a 9' 6wt. i wish the 6wt came in an 8'6 cause thats what i am using now. and thats what i learned on and am comfortable.

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    Buy it. Enough said.


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