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Thread: Caught one on a fly I tied

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    Default Caught one on a fly I tied

    So I bought a peak rotary vise and about $450 worth of hooks, dubbing beads etc etc etc , yeah this is gonna be a cheap hobby

    Anyway so I managed to tie up a bunch of size 18 rainbow warriors, poison tung's and the usual assortment of "easier" patterns. Yesterday even though the dries were really hammering them I threw on a 18 rainbow warrior as a on woohoo camera out.....finned him. He missed the dry and the dropper got him. Close but no cigar, so I then tied on a size 18 holographic pheasant tail , think pheasant tail wrapped in tinsel and I caught me a nice little fish. I was all excited til I caught back up with my buddy and said any luck on what I tied. His answer was biggest fish I've ever caught in this river. We were on a smallish mountain stream. He proceeds to tell me he sight fished to a beauty that turned out to be a 17" brown.

    Ive found in 10 days tying is addictive already. I have tied up 6 or 7 dozen midges and nymphs already

    Do many of you tend to give more away to your buddies than you keep for yourself. I can see this happening to me as I tend to stick with what Rocky Mt Flyfisher calls confidence patterns.
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    Default Re: Caught one on a fly I tied

    Always happy to hear a success story, your friend was at least using your fly so the fish is also to your credit. your own 17" brown will come.


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