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Thread: BEASTY trout on the Madison - Video

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    Default BEASTY trout on the Madison - Video

    This was a one day trip that led to some huge trout being caught. Fished until it went dark. Just another day on the Madison.

    [ame=]Catching HUGE trout on the Madison River on Vimeo[/ame]
    The fields are endless, but the cows never leave the river side, maybe its the fresh taste of a cold mountain runoff that keeps them close. Or perhaps they just like watching the fly fisherman cast their way down stream (like souls of fishermen past). A young calf looks at his mother, with a sideways curious expression I love the feeling of mud running through my hooves.

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    What a G R E A T video - Congratulations It is really a dream for me to spend (someday in myl life) a few days at such a river
    Best regards from Germany,


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    Default Re: BEASTY trout on the Madison - Video

    I really enjoy your no frills approach to taking these pictures. The footage tells me that days like this are just a matter of fact for you and the way you unceremoniously release the fish is refreshing.


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    Very nice video It is refreshing to see a video where the angler releases the fish properly (w least degree of damage) & does not feel the need to drag it onto dry rocks for the 'glory photo'.

    I just came across a posting on another forum where the person has photo after photo of 7-10in Brookies, proudly displayed on bone dry rocks / stones. The poster was very protective of his treasured stream but had no concern about the poor handling of the little jewels that dwell in it. Rant over

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    Default Re: BEASTY trout on the Madison - Video

    I especially appreciated the background music- Dave Gruisin's Mountain Dance? Different version but superb piano. Loved that Madison as well. My river of Sighs.

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