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I would also put the loops in my left (non rod) hand.

The key is to use big loops and not the small loops. The more loops, the more chance of tangling. So as each loop reaches almost down to the water, place the line around the finders of your left hand and start another loop.

When you need to recast, feed (allow the line to slip from between your fingers) line from each loop and let the loops straighten as needed from your left hand. Always keep the loops in your left hand. Do not drop loops but feed the line from your left hand until the loops are all gone.
An extension to this is to not actually have "loops" in your hand, but, when retrieving, alternate the direction that the line lies in your left hand. In this way you create stacks of line rather than loops. These stacks are much less likely to tangle. It takes some getting used to, but, once you have the motion, you end up with more manageable stripped line.