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Thread: Deer Hair Caddis vs. Elk Hair Caddis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by silvertip8k View Post
    I use Elk,Mule Deer,White Tail ,Pronghorn and even Moose for tying various bugs and streamers...especially caddis imitations...used them a lot in early summer on the S Platte...all are hollow (body fur any way)I think a lot depends on what time of year animal was harvested(big dif between September and November), part of the hide and color you are looking for...

    when you buy the $$ little baggies its pretty much a **** shoot ... I'm also a this is one area that there is no shortage of...anyone that has noticed a tie getting saturated sooner than an other knows what I mean, that some floats better or worse...I like to clip hair as close to hide for final length I want...and even dust them w/ floatant just for good measure...

    an elk or deer hide has enough fur to start and run fly tying business...

    this thread caught my eye special...I usually am quiet...but my preference is tying with all materials I have either myself or friends harvest...lately I just buy hooks and thread...after learning how to use a stomach pump I have been tying all natural color stuff to match what I have found in trout bellies...never seen any flash being digested yet...

    sure there is a place for using colors etc...but its been fun for a few years focusing on the natural ties...

    here is a "spey" fly tied w/ Mule Deer, Elk, Moose , Buffalo ,Gadwall & Wild turkey...

    great thread...t


    Hey there Silvertip, I am curious about your last remark about Krystal Flash.
    Does this mean that you don't using any kind of flash in your Flies?

    Are you doing sort of an "All-Natural" approach to Fly Tying?

    Also, would you mind sharing with me, the kinds of natural colors you are seeing in your pumped out insects?


    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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    I started trying to use only materials from harvested critters a while back...mostly for my own amusement...I think the "little baggies" we sold at the fly shop I worked at made me realize what a wealth of stuff I had that wasnt being utilized completely...

    also after a close friend introduced me to the useage of a stomach pump about 4 years ago, I started tying bugs that matched up with what I was finding...

    first off he showed me that some bugs(after being for only a short while in a trouts stomach started to change)...and the the newer ingested ones were the ones to copy...bugs would actually begin to fall apart and get more translucent in color after a while...while still sharing the cavity w/ newer bugs the trout ingested...

    so the bugs more together and "newer" for lack of better words , were the ones to really look at closely, other than basic species etc...

    all the bugs pumped were in coloration of golden brown,tan,cream colored, multiple shades of gray and even black & olive green variations too...stone flys, caddis, baetis and chernomids, the basic hatches I was copying, all seemed to be far more demure in their colors than the bugs I had been using for years as a private angler and guide...minnows I have found too from either seining or pumping helped me to get a more realistic tie that the coomon ones we see tied by chinese ladies...LOL...sometimes I tie a little red in the gill area to mimick a bloddy gill , the result of a predators attack...

    then I started to really differentiate the stuff I had in my shop and part of my small trophy collection...hides, feathers I saved from waterfowling & upland game hunting etc...

    as I said earlier, one elk hide has enough fur on it to tie thousands and thousands of caddis and similar...

    Mule Deer, Elk, White Tail and Antelope has varying lengths and thickness' as well...september hides vs. november can also have big differences...things that really can make some cool changes in the way a fly appears & super fine back neck fur from a small buck has some excellent colors and is very fine...something sold in the"little baggies" as some sort of exotic deer fur for 5$ ...but common , and when you look at the hide, you can start to see so many possibilities...

    different duck feathers are just as cool...teal , wood duck and gadwall are my fav's...but there are so many that are out there that can all make tons of different tie's...wild turkey and pheasant are also treasure troves...

    catching a nice trout or other species w/ a fly pattern I came up with from materials I harvested myself ,w/ a rod I crafted is something hard to explain completely...its as close as I can come to sharing an experience from Native Americans from long ago as I will ever get...

    so its become sort of another vein of my angling , along w/ making my own bamboo rods & nets ...sort of a renaissance for me actually...

    flash is cool too...and I have used little strands to add an attraction level to ties in different sunlight conditions too...its just its not as neccesary as I was told for so long...especially deeper fished nymphs on dropper rigs...

    I still love my old "rainbow warrior" and red copper john...but some days I like to use only homegrown stuff...t

    here is a big streamer that utilizes Elk, Mule Deer, Moose , Buffalo , wild Turkey and Gadwall and wood duck...sort of a "smorgasbord" from my materials box...

    here is a wet fly that uses elk,buffalo and gadwall...

    here is a spey tie that mimicks a wounded baitfish...

    PS...about the wraps...a few of my rods are shown in my gallery I made up ...
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    Thanks Silvertip. Beautiful Stonefly, and you have a wealth of information too. Great explanation.
    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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    Default Re: Deer Hair Caddis vs. Elk Hair Caddis?

    It depends on what you have most recently killed during the previous hunting season and if the dogs haven't gotten into it too badly during the drying out process

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