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Thread: scratches on your reel

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    Default scratches on your reel

    So I have the hardy ultralite 4000dd and over the past 6 months the bottom of the reel and spool have become scratched and nicked from being placed on the rocks and stream beds around here (boulder creek and Big T mainly). I dont know why but at first it didnt really bother me, but now I wonder if it was a mistake to be so careless with it...

    Anyways how do you guys manage these things? Do you avoid placing the reel in the stream/on rocks while fishing? Do you not care as long as its not damaged to where its no longer usable?

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    Default Re: scratches on your reel

    If it's expensive handle it like a baby, if not, who cares.

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    Default Re: scratches on your reel

    I actually welcome that first takes the pressure off and lets me fish as hard as I want without worrying about how pretty it is.

    Every scratch/scuff is a memory of some outing, fish, or mishap. Embrace em...
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    Default Re: scratches on your reel

    I agree with brookfield.... embrace 'em. If it is so precious/ too expensive/ non-replaceable/ etc. I suppose I wouldn't be fishing it in the first place. It is the pristine outing, not the pristine gear that makes this what it is.

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    Default Re: scratches on your reel

    No matter how wonderful the gear is we use (and I do love and appreciate good gear), it pales in comparison to the wonderful outdoors the Good Lord let's us play in. Keeping the stream pristine and trash free is as important,,more so really, than keeping ME or my gear pristine. A couple times I've gotten muddy sliding down a bank to get some other persons Mt Dew can and carry it out..just an example there.

    That said, it does take a slob to abuse good gear of any type. But abuse and 'use' doesn't look the same...USE looks fine.

    Use it, use it wisely and prudent,,beyond that,,it WILL age,,,but in a good way !


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    Default Re: scratches on your reel

    scratches on your reel? oh no! hope you didn't break a nail while fishing too!

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    Default Re: scratches on your reel

    A little harsh, itchmesir, but I agree with the gist of your statement.

    I have one favorite rod that I use 90+% of my fishing ... for the past 12 years, and it was a top dollar rod in it's day. My Battenkill reel on that rod is at least 15 years old and it shows! And I like it. There is a groove in the plate across the bottom worn from fly line. And most importantly it still works just fine. I've dropped that rod and reel while scrabbling down cliffs, slammed the reel into rocks on hard falls ... while I am not hard on my equipment persay, I do use it. Scratches and scars are the cost of doing business.

    I won't own a peice of fishing equipment, or any tool, that has to be babied or pampered.

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    Default Re: scratches on your reel

    x2 for a bit harsh, I read the questioner asking if there's potential for damage to the reel, maybe like storing a wet rod zipped in a tube. I'd worry about it is if it somehow exposed the reel to corrosion. Perhaps this could be a concern for some reels fishing salt? Don't fish salt so I don't know. With my reels I don't worry about it.
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    Default Re: scratches on your reel

    I'm pretty ginger about how I set my stuff down but I'm sure there's a few on all my rods. I've never really minded one way or another. I do pride myself on taking good care of my stuff. Some of my rods are 20 years old.

    I wouldn't sweat it if their performance is still good.
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    Default Re: scratches on your reel

    As long as your reel still works, let the inadvertent scratches come as they may. I do throw a neoprene cover on my reels when not using them in the boat, but besides that, you may have to drop your reel in the drink or the bank for a hero shot of a fish of a lifetime. No one ever admired someone's ability to keep their reel pristine
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