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    From our own front page; Able reels sell out to The Mayfly Group.
    From our forum pages; Hardy discontinues the Perfect.
    From a traditional archery site; Martin Archery of Walla Walla, Wa. has sold.
    These are top of the line companies in fly fishing and archery. Are the family members of these companies getting old enough to retire? Or is the economy so bad that not even the best can survive. Anybody know what's going on. Not that I can afford any of these company's products, but I'm wondering if with the new owners the prices are going up or going down.
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    Joe: I definitely don't have an answer, but there is some pretty stiff competition in the reel market, if you subscribe to any of the fly fishing mags you will see an array of outfits trying to sell fly reels. Maybe Abel is in need of financial support to expand their market share, who knows for sure.
    The story on the Hardy Perfect being discontinued wasn't rquite true.
    I don't follow archery much now that I have somehow become older (how did that happen?), but again that arena seems to have some pretty stiff competition with all the new bow manufacturers out there nowdays.

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    Any number of things can be happening, besides financial pinch.

    I'm familiar with Martin Archery and the other companies.

    Sometimes, with private companies, the practical thing to do after many years of operation is to sell off.

    But it would really require "insider" knowledge to know what's happening.
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    Many factors at play as mentioned, a big one is the taxes. Companies producing very high quality products usually require a highly trained local workforce, something rarely achievable in the Far East. When you couple a skilled workforce (high pay jobs) with existing tax rates there isn't much money left over to carry a company thru a year or two of economic downturn or bad judgement on what the customer is looking for.

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