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Thread: Rio Clouser vs Outbound Short

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    Hey Guys,

    So i have 6wt, 9ft medium fast rod. Mainly fishing bass, small pike, panfish, and Carp. I've only been fishing for about 2 years. I after reading everything i could on the right line, i came down to the 2 above. both had great reviews. I'll mainly be throwing flies between 2 and 6 size. (poppers, Bugs, Wooley Buggers, Clousers, Zonkers).

    I orginally was set on the outbound but after reading more i thought it may be a little too heavy.

    So which line would you recommend?

    - Rick

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    I have Rio Clauser on 2 of my "all around" 8 wts. I have cast the outbound on another 8wt. I think the Clauser is a better all around line, roll casting, short casts and decent distance casting with a variety of flies and set-ups. The outbound is great for casting large flies at a decent distance. Not a good all around line. At least that my take on it. FWIW

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    SA Mastery Textured Mag Taper is my suggestion.

    I personally think it's a much much better line than either of the Rio lines, have fished and owned all of them.

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