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    Hy. I've just experienced a new fishing destination in Romania. I'm very excited about everything that i've found there; besides clean fresh air, they have everything from accommodation, huge fishing lakes, lodges, animal farms and interesting places where you can develop fun activities.

    The accommodation services are excellent: big relaxing rooms, well equippted and with very good view, a large living-room, a dinning-room and a fully-fitted kitchen.

    The fish farm fits into the "Eco fishing" program so it's the best place for "a catch". The main pond is very spread and has a small variety of popular species of fish besides the trout farm. I have to say that the average weight is about 2 kg, but I saw with my own eyes that it can get up to 15 kg. So this lake fits for all kind of people: avid and experienced fishermans, amateur or people who are just seeking for a good time.

    But if you are looking for something else besides fishing you can experience the natural way of animal farming, you can lay back on the courtyard and wacth the evening lake that hosts wild birds, or you can take o tour of the vineyard ( that is exceltent I have to add).

    I hope I got your attention because this place certainly got mine and i'm sure it's something i'll not forget very soon. Considering the low prices, I'm already planning to go back next year.

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    Hi ralucaanghel,

    Welcome to the forum and I hope you are here to enjoy talking fly fishing with our members. How long have you been fly fishing? What is your favorite rod?


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    Hy. many thanks.
    To be honest i started not long ago, maybe a few years ago and i'm still a amateur but i sure like it. and so i'm not very familiar with all the techniques. a friend of mine brought me in this "world" and gave me all the necessary things.
    And so, if i'm not wrong, my favorite rod is the spy rod. this is how my friend is telling it so i guess this is it's name.

    I'm more into nature than into fish on this topic, because i was amazed by the environment there, because what is a fishing place in a bad environment?

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    Hi ralucaanghel,

    Well if you want to get more into the sport we have many people here to help. I think you mean a Spey rod and not a spy rod. It is use primarily for Salmon and Steelhead.


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    ralucaanghel: Welcome to the forum! We would love to hear about your fly fishing in Romania. If you have a digital camera, please post some photos of your streams and countryside, it would be great for you to share that with us. You can't post photos directly from your computer into a thread. Here is a FAQ that explains the process to link photos into a thread.

    The North American Fly Fishing Forum - FAQ


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    My fli fishing techniques are very week so you'de problably be laughing. i had a friend with me that helped me all along and learned me the basics, because i was more in to the classic fishing ( i steel believe i have more luck into that).

    Sorry all my photos are at my friend that is from another country and he is still traveling so it will take a wile until i post them i could give you the website of the place but i'me afraid it will be considered spam.

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