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Thread: Secret flies

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    Default Secret flies

    I just finished Dynamic Nyphing and have a question. The author tells about his times on the competitive fly fishing circuit. One thing really stood out about the selection of flies that many anglers use. When you look in the boxes of anglers from all over the world there are no secret flies in their arsenal. Now I know from my own personal experience that certain variations although small can make a slow fishing day be a great day. Things like changing the color of the zebra midge to a color that's not all that common or tying hot spots on scuds and sow bugs. My question is do you guys and ladies have secret patterns that you won't find in mainstream fly selections?

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    Default Re: Secret flies


    Yes I do, not really a secret but just things I learned to wrap onto a hook that catch fish. Once proven they became my flies. With my old dry flies when I lived in Pennsylvania I tied the old style patterns and they worked great so I wasn't so inventive. But for streamer fishing I experimented.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ja501 View Post

    My question is do you guys and ladies have secret patterns that you won't find in mainstream fly selections?

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    love attractors

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    My secret flies are just variations of mainstream patterns. The flies could use different types of dubbing, ribbing, flash, hook, fur, or feather. They could be tied buggier or sparser.

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    Yes, and that's about all I have to say about that.

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    I'm currently reading Bob Wyatt's book, What Trout Want, which is pretty much the antithesis to the secret fly theory, generally speaking.

    So, I'm now leaning towards not believing that my secret flies are anything special, but rather that my confidence and resulting superior efforts towards correct presentation with them have helped a lot.

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    Mosca and I agree on this one (surprised?), i generally vary standard flies to something that works for me, sometimes it is a little flash, sometimes a different color body, sometimes a different hackle or tail, but generally variations on a working theme to make them better for the fish in my area.

    Be aware though, that what works in one area may not work in another.....

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    Default Re: Secret flies

    George came and spoke to my fly fishing club at PSU and he made it very clear that in a majority of the time its all about how you present the fly to the fish. He told a story of how when he was young fishing with Joe Humphry's he could catch a fish one day and was blaming the fly... Joe told him its not the fly its you George. Thats what he means when he says there is not secret fly its just the presentation of the fly the reading of the water. If there was a "secret fly" someone would be cashing in big.

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    It's not my policy to confirm nor deny the presence of any secret flies in any boxes I may or may not own.

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