I just got back from the Tampa/Clearwater area a couple of days ago. I had a great time, and the fishing was excellent. I can see why coldwater lines would not do well there. With the heat (high 80's to mid 90's), humidity, and the high water temperature (85-90 degrees), those lines would lose their performance in a hurry.

With that said, the Rio Tropical Clouser line did not perform as well as I would have liked. The line itself was fine, but it just didn't cast as well as I thought it would with my Z-Axis rod. I had to work harder to make it do its thing.

However, the Rio Outbound Short intermediate casts like a dream. It synchronized perfectly with my 9-wt Xi3 rod. With that combination of rod and line, I could bomb casts out there with ease.

It could shoot line better than any fly line I've used before. Now I want to try the coldwater version of the same thing.

Thanks for all the great information on this thread, guys. You gave me good advice that made the difference on this trip. I really appreciate the help.