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Thread: recommendation for an 8wt rod?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moucheur2003 View Post

    The Islander and Bauer are Ferrari reels at Ferrari prices.
    FYI, you can get a (now discontinued) Bauer MXP4 on sierratradingpost for ~$370. Worth every penny IMO.

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    in recently looking for some 8 wt gear myself, I discovered that you can find some good mid-range stuff at decent prices. But, more importantly, you can find the "best" used for great prices. I'm not going to rule out buying a new rod or reel, but you can find a mint Sage rod for $300 or an Abel Super 8 for $320 (or less). That's still pricey (and I have lower end stuff that fishes perfectly), but I'm not sure why i'd spend about the same amount for new when so much gear that was the hot stuff just a couple years ago is available at the same price point.

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    The Sage VXP, St Croix Legend Elite and the TFO BVK should all be on your "to cast" list. The VXP and Legend Elite are phenomenal rods. The BVK is a little stiff for my taste but has a huge following on this board. The Scott A4 may or may not be a winner, the A3 series was best in 6wt and below but the A4 was supposed to correct that.

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    well over past few weeks i went out and cast quite a few rods (didnt get to St.crox Legend Elite, but its ok as it was a bit over my price range of $400 and under)

    SAGE RESPONSE 9ft 8wt is what i settled on.
    2 rods that were right behind it were:
    TFO BVK (felt a little too stiff and more like a broom stick, not enough feedback/load feel), while it was great rod, it just wasnt as good as Sage Response
    REDIGNTON Link ($400, but was on sale for $250) while when full price its same as Sage i got, it just lik BVK felt a little too stiff for me. seems rods that have a little more feedback/medium action work best for me.
    both BVK and LINK would throw line just as far as RESPONSE, but Response did it effortlessly and while im no expert caster, line would always go where i wanted it and in a very straight line. where other 2 rods not so much.
    if i had to pick, i would have gone with Link over BVK i think.
    one thing that stood out the most about Sage Response when compared to all other rods, is that it felt more like a 5WT in my hand, very very light swing weight and really does not hurt my arm, where after casting other rods for a bit, my arm would stiffen up and hurt a bit.

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    Default Re: recommendation for an 8wt rod?

    Enjoy your new stick!!!


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