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Thread: Cool Water Trout Line for 5 wt. Sage XP?

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    Default Re: Cool Water Trout Line for 5 wt. Sage XP?

    So you want to use the XP 5wt more for just nymphing? In that case I cannot advise on the line differences, I'm the kind of fisherman that changes flies and approaches to suit the demands and conditions so many days I will high-stick with nymphs through pocket water, then switch to wets and dries when the fish begin to rise on calm water.

    Like I mentioned above, I was pretty insistent about fishing only my "medium" action SLT 4 wt for dry fly fishing. I'm asking you now, don't shun that 5wt XP to only nymph fishing, you will be missing out!
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    Thanks much! I'm not opposed to dry fly fishing on the XP. It just that most of my fly fishing for trout is done nymphing, hopper/dropper or fishing dry flys with a dropper. One of my favorites is fishing the Elk Hair Caddis with a dropper. What I really haven't done that much is fish with a dry fly "by itself". Sorry if I was confusing. I love my XP rods. I have 2 5wt and one 4wt. I was lucky and got them all for 1/2 price when they were on close out.

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    Default Re: Cool Water Trout Line for 5 wt. Sage XP?

    I have to agree with Chi about SA Mastery Textured WF 5 WT GPX. I have that line on my 5 wt XP and it is wonderful. I was amazed how well it casts.


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