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Thread: Yellowstone Nat'l Park - July 25-26

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    Thumbs up Yellowstone Nat'l Park - July 25-26

    Just got back from 5 days in YNP with my daughter. Made some wonderful memories again including Wednesday's hike to Mount Washburn where we were greeted by a large herd of Bighorn Sheep.

    Thursday and Friday morning were fishing days though...

    My daughter on the Gallatin. Huge disappointment as the stream looked great, plenty of insect life, but very few trout that wanted to play. Scenery was "OK" though

    Gallatin had us a little bummed, so we re-grouped in West Yellowstone and set off for the Lamar Valley in the afternoon. The Lamar River itself was looking pretty "skinny" so we pushed on hoping for better flows.

    We settled on Soda Butte Creek for the evening as we couldn't pass up the chance to possibly fish amongst the Bison herds. Not knowing what to expect fish-wise, we dropped in and started the pursuit.

    Sure enough... Soda Butte is a wonderful little Cutthroat Fishery with willing biters ranging from 10-14 inches.

    My daughter soon caught her first ever Yellowstone Cutthroat!

    ...and it seemed like the perfect time to find out how water-proof my new waterproof camera is.

    Then some unexpected - but welcome - company showed up!

    This was just about the best fly-fishing experience my daughter and I ever had together. Once the shadows got long, the Yellow Sally's started popping and it was on!

    Moments like this will be forever burned into my memory.

    The next morning it was time to hit my favorite - the Gibbon River

    First fish of the morning... 18" brown! Now that's the way to kick off a day.

    Rainbows were hard to come by on this trip... just a matter of location though I'm sure. This one - while lacking in size - was quite lovely and the picture just doesn't do it any justice.

    Beauty is everywhere in YNP... from big to small and everything in between.

    Already counting the days until next summer... not sure how many of these my 19-year old daughter and I have left... but we squeezed every bit of fun that we could out of this visit!
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    Default Re: Yellowstone Nat'l Park - July 25-26

    This is such a money thread.......I think everyone's gonna appreciate these pics. Yellowstone and the adjacent areas are, after all, the mecca for Rocky Mtn fly fishing!!! Every single water you fished, I have read about in my bible, Fly Fishing the Rocky Mountain Backcountry by Rich Osthoff. I'm super jealous.

    Friggin awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing

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    Default Re: Yellowstone Nat'l Park - July 25-26

    Joe: Great trip report and photos, really makes a person want to jump in the car and make a bee line to YNP for some fishing! Thanks for sharing.


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    Default Re: Yellowstone Nat'l Park - July 25-26

    Great pics, thanks for the entries really enjoyed viewing them !

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    Outstanding! Very cool place and to share it with your daughter is truly special. I will be there over Labor Day week and plan on hitting Slough Cr and Soda Butte Cr as well.


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    Default Re: Yellowstone Nat'l Park - July 25-26

    Joe- What a nice experience and trip summary! I hope to experience this with my daughters someday in the near future. Pictures like these make me realize why I love FF so much...

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    Default Re: Yellowstone Nat'l Park - July 25-26

    Wow....that IS a beautiful place!!!!thanks for sharing your trip with us

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    Thanks much. I enjoyed your photos. My June trip, a month before yours, was also a GREAT experience.

    Just goes to show how much Yellowstone's fishing changes every week. The Gibbon was filled with small Brooks while I was there, then the larger Browns moved in as the lower waters warmed. Great place for a getaway; take a kid.

    Thanks again!

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    Thank you all for the replies!

    And now the alternative balance to last week's highest-of-high's... this week I find myself in the mountains of southern Armenia for work. Life is crazy sometimes.

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    Just got back today from NE corner of the park. Fished Soda Butte for a couple days and it was good. Most fish were 15-17" but a couple topped 18". I got bored catching 'em on dries and nymphs so the last day I through mouse patterns all day. Moved a couple but none in the hand.

    Catching a fish up there is really a bonus.

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