Hey. I bought a big lot of flytying materials from Ebay. Most of it I can use. Some things I can't are two full packs of turkey flats, one in dun, one in cream, some orange egg bag mesh, a twelve compartment box of Jorgensen's sparkle dubbing in various shades of pink purple and orange (though I guess I could put that to work, but it was $14.95 to the orgininal owner from a place called Lunkers in Michigan) and also a burgundyish swatch of deer hair as well as a matching pack of flashabou. I also have a full natural deer tail I don't need.

What I want: olive, black, tan and bubblegum (light pink) marabou. Black and peackock chennile, rubber legs, green deer tail, rubber body material, fly hooks in streamer size 8-1/0 clouser eyes, paste on eyes and fly rattles. A clamp on trash catcher for a vice would also be welcome.

If you have any of that stuff, and want any of my stuff, post back and we can work out a swap.