ASF Rivernotes – Reset the Perspective Button
ASF Rivernotes has the latest updates on salmon rivers, as well as featuring the Atlantic salmon numbers for one camp over 43 years. Great reading in a fascinating August with generally excellent river levels.
ASF River Notes | Reports on salmon runs, research field work and other matters of interest in the world of Atlantic salmon

Salmon Spawn in the Petitcodiac
It is now known that Atlantic salmon spawned in New Brunswick’s Petitcodiac River this past winter. At one time a major salmon river, opening the tide gates is providing a rebirth for this watershed and its endangered salmon population.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Salmon Spawn in Petitcodiac

Tasting Event in Support of NB Atlantic Salmon Rivers
The Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation is hosting a wine tasting as part of the ANBL 2013 Protect Our Rivers Sales. It includes smoked salmon from land-raised stock supplied by ASF. NB Liquor also has Upstream Ale for sale again, incidentally. Read more:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Protect Our Rivers Tasting Event

Angling worth 750M Euros to Ireland
A study released last month determined that angling was worth 750M Euros to Ireland’s economy.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - In Ireland Angling Worth 750M Euros

Government Needs to Solve Salmon Farming Woes
ASF provides a perspective on how governments such as that of Newfoundland needs to address the critically important problems created by salmon farming.
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Gov't Needs to Start Solving Salmon Farming Woes

Bill Bennett tells the Sea Lice Story the Way it Is
Newfoundlander Bennett details the problems of sea lice created by salmon farming. Well worth reading:
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Half Truth Aquaculture Policy