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    A few years back I took an interest in an offer that had on their site:........"Although this is a non-profit site we do have access to copies of Modern Fly Lines, (127pgs.), for those that are interested in improving their understanding of fly line theory. Contact the Site Manager and we will gladly arrange to have a copy of this book sent to you for $20.00, including postage fee. This is a non-profit deal for VFC but feel the book is well worth the purchase.

    We welcome all contributions from Rio, Airflo, Sage, Wulff Traingle Taper, and Cortland, in hopes that we may present a balanced presentation of everyone's favorite fly line and fly line design.

    Happy Casting! VFC.COM "

    Ummmm...$20 bucks I thought I'll go for that. Sent off an email and never did get a response but recently browsed AbeBooks and well ....GULP !!! ....

    Modern Fly Lines by Richards, Bruce: Odysseys Editions Hardcover, First Edition - Braintree Book Rack

    I've reconsidered and I really don't think I need to know about modern lines all that much and will have to put up with the ole c*** I've got.

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    I am sure you never got the book, a treasured classic by the World's most knowledgeable and influential fly line designer, Bruce Richards. I do not have this book either and would love a copy. Bruce is back with SA now as an adviser...only good things can come of this.

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    I'm giving WroldCat a shot through my library, although I'm not crossing my fingers and hoping. They seem to hold on to books like this as dust collectors for reference only, which doesn't do any one any good sitting on a shelve, will see.

    FYI...the book is also a part of "Lefty's Little Library Of Fly Fishing"...sometimes the whole volume set goes for a lot less than "Modern Fly Lines" itself, go figure.

    I do hope though that if I get to browse the book someday it's not written in "Physics Math Equations"... 'fraid I'm not up on my E=mc2. Has any body read his book?

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