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    I agree, the surf with a fly rod is hard to beat? Maybe even better than 'gills?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyfisher for men View Post

    Looks great, but grad school is depriving me even of a chance at those bluegills. At the moment, I'm researching Rutherford B. Hayes. Nothing against him, but an hour with Ol' Rutherford doesn't measure up to an hour of bluegills!
    Oh my word.

    Son, where are your priorities?!

    Trust me - when you come to the end of your days you will regret those times that you could have gone fishing but didn't. It will not even cross your mind to think that maybe you didn't spend enough time studying Rutherford B. Hayes.

    Take a little time to reflect (preferably while casting a popper for gills) and reconsider the decisions you've been making before your life slips away from you.

    Jesus said, "Go fishing!" (Luke 5:4). He said nothing about monthly reports, budgets, cost variances, manpower planning, or orders forecasts.

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    I have to say 'gills on a fly rod is great stuff and the most relaxing style. I haven't fly fished the surf as yet (caught tons of BSP on spinning gear), but hope to get a shot at next year, doubt i'll have time this year. Trout to me are the challenge I seek, problem solving all the time.

    "Never, never, never give up" Winston Churchill

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