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Thread: One Small Step but One Of Many; Videos About 2 Local Salmon Projects

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    Default One Small Step but One Of Many; Videos About 2 Local Salmon Projects

    This video was made close to where I live. Among the many things that are affecting salmon populations here are the losses of habitat that have accumulated over the past 60 years. Pacific salmon are the the most prolific game fish / commercial fish / substance fish, on the North American continent. However, after decades of thoughtless development, our transgressions have reached 'critical mass' and we, the people, the sportsmen, the native groups, and the commercial fishermen, are reacting.

    This short you tube video tells the story of one small victory. I am following the Pike control fight on Alexander Creek (which was once a multi million dollar king salmon sport fishery) this is an intervention and eradication project of the department of F&G where I have a couple friends and will report on the spring findings soon as I get them.

    Moose Creek at Chickaloon;

    [ame=]Alaska Salmon Project - King Maker in Chickaloon Village, Alaska - YouTube[/ame]

    Bonus Video; King Makers on my home rivers head waters.

    [ame=]Alaska Salmon Project - King Maker in Hatcher Pass, Alaska - YouTube[/ame]
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    Default Re: One Small Step but One Of Many; Videos About 2 Local Salmon Projects

    Ard: Thanks for sharing, it is great to see the locals taking action to help with improving the salmon habitat and preserving the land adjacent to the rivers, very heart warming to see this happening!


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