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Thread: Got my first swicth rod...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbblom View Post
    The video mentioned above really helped.
    I was dipping my rod tip on the sweep, and also ripping the anchor too fast (big dude trying to muscle it...). I was also pausing before the final throw as in a roll cast.

    I had a couple of casts that surprised me when all went well, kind of a 'light bulb turning on' moment. Got a few better casts out yesterday. It's a fun rod to catch fish on for sure. I went to a lake loaded with 10-12" stocked trout so I could catch a few while practicing.

    Also picked up some T-10 tip material to start playing with a heavier anchor.
    I probably should have picked up the 'Switch Chucker' line instead of the regular 'Switch line', but I wanted to be able to mend well at distance and also cast dries, nymph rigs, etc.

    when does the learning end? Hopefully never!
    I think you will like the Rio Chucker, I had the change to do a dry practice at the park this morning with it and it shot the line easily even on the grass with less drag. I am now is interested to find out what the Rio AFS which is currently on sale can do as that line is very popular as well.

    The Scott Howell video is good too watch, I watched a lot of Andrew Moy's videos as he is giving more details on the techniques, rod positions and anchoring.

    ok gotta go the baby is crying.
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    You can put T - 10 or 14 into the middle of a leader in the same way that I use braided heads. Just another way of getting it done.

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