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Thread: I cheated myself last night....

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    Default I cheated myself last night....

    Last night I didn't heed my own advise. I blew all I knew out the window. I rushed to get a fly done, and well, it sure showed in the finished article.

    Today I feel cheated. I feel I cheated the fly, the pattern, the quality hook, the history, the process. I cheated myself, and I feel terrible about it.

    Why would tying a fly in one sitting be so negatively dramatic. I've no idea. But, with it coming up on two years since I started tying salmon flies, I know that I should know better than to just tie it for the sake of tying it.

    The pattern - Kelson's Kendal. One I'd never tied before.
    I prepared well. I had a nice GP head to select toppings for the tail - nice flat open toppings. I dyed white turkey tail and white hackles to Sky Blue for the pattern. Specifically for this fly - with the thought that I'd never tie it again, and thus, probably have no use for the materials again. I built the wing the night before.
    I selected a nice hook, one that I've used a lot of in recent times. A nice reworked hook from a friend.
    I bought the unusual material - goldbeater skin - however, I didn't take the time to prepare it correctly and ended up rushing that part while tying the fly

    The fly started of well, and by started well, I mean I was happy up until the herl butt.
    The that's where I started to get slack. Somewhat consciously .I remember it like it was yesterday (well, it was actually yesterday).I just wasn't sure about that thick black bar at the front of the butt. I let it slide, and then the avalanche started.
    Then came the body with the rough floss work, strings coming off in all directions. Then wrapping the goldbeater skin over the body, leaving the bumps at the back. The hackles, I wound on together, and was just happy they were on. I didn't even bother to check the length of them until after all was said and done. Beyond the point of no return.
    The wing took a couple of mounts, but I got it on and kinda liked it, but something wasn't right. Ah well. Lets get theses sides on and finish this baby before bed. The sides were a nightmare. And it shows.

    Lesson learned though. I usually let little sections of a fly mature overnight. I'll do the gut, tip, tag, tail, veilings butt, stop, come back the next night, see if I still like it, if not, strip and redo. I didn't even give that a second glance last night.
    I'll do the same thing for the next section - body, ribs, hackle, throat - let those mature over night, sometimes two or three nights, then if I"m not happy when I go back to it, I'll strip and redo. Same for wing, and sides, topping and head.

    None of that last night. I blew straight though in 2 hours or so.

    Pity, because this fly has the potential to be great. And it will be great. Probably this time next week after strip the hook and restart the process as I know how....

    Slowly, methodically, thoughtfully.

    To ENJOY it, rather than regret it later.

    No fly picture today. You can wait for the new version next week.

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    Default Re: I cheated myself last night....

    You are highly motivated to produce art. I am looking forward to the finished product! Thanks!

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    Default Re: I cheated myself last night....

    Nice reflection on something we all do from time to time: Rush. I did it recently when working on something for the house. Not something too noticable, but no excuse for it. I just didn't stop and take the time to do it right. Don't beat yourself up about it, remember it is just fur and feathers, even if they are pricey. Just take the lesson and keep going. Good reminder that we're all human. If you are feeilng too down on yourself, go to youtube and watch some failblog videos, your mistake will pale by comparison.
    - William

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    Default Re: I cheated myself last night....

    Me too !!!

    Sometimes I feel the pain.....

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    Default Re: I cheated myself last night....

    Eunan your work is always impeccable ! Once in a while you are entitled to a slack moment. With that being said all those not so good flys you can send to me rather than chucking them. I'm sure I can put them to use! Haha!
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    Question Re: I cheated myself last night....

    a day like you reported comes once in awhile to me also.
    I usually recognize it and step away from the bench for a breather.
    for instance today I got out my box of old Pearsall's silk thread. some of the thread has weakened over the years and would break as I whipped the heads. if In the past I'd probably be mad but I expected as much from this old tying silk and just keep at it. a challenge for sure but I met it head on.

    good days and not so good days at the bench are better than none at all.


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    what hook are you using?
    I just received some excellent Salmon hooks size 2. I would be glad to share some.


    the universe in a drop of water

    Norta Mudzoory

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