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    I'm going to go try the lower Illinois River tomorrow, does anybody have any
    suggestions on what flies to use ? Any help would be appreciated. I'm guessing woolybuggers and maybe some nymphs.
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    What are you fishing for? You posted this under warmwater flyfishing. It is a year around trout river. Lot of trout the last time I went. That place can get crowded on the weekends.

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    I realized I put this in the wrong section right after I posted, I just didn't want to double post. I'll be fishing for trout sand bass and stripers, I also thought that there were walleye in the river, never caught one of those.
    So I would basically be fishing for anything. I'm very new to fly fishing I was just hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I had to postpone the trip but would like to make it down there maybe this week.
    "Endeavor to persevere."

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    For the most part I catch trout and thats what im targeting. In the warmer months I may get catfish,striper, sand bass and sunfish ocassionally while fly fishing for trout. Im totally self taught and just kept going there learning the water figuring things out.

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