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Thread: The Holy Grail of wood flyboxes!

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    I brought home some wood from Hawaii last month. Some of it was dry and has already become fly boxes. But the really special wood, the highly figured Koa was too wet. To my surprised, I monitored the wood daily and watched the moisture leave the wood much faster than I expected. When it hit the magic number, 10%- moisture content, it was time to cut into it!

    Here is the first fruit of this magnificent Koa! The intense 3 dimensional quality to this wood is very difficult to capture in a photograph. Trust me, it is incredible!

    Little 3x4" jewelry boxes with a simple felt lining made with Koa like this are selling for $150-$175 in the islands!

    This fly box is 3x5" with micro brass hinges, powerful mini magnets and high grade, ridged cork inserts. The finish begins with a deep penetrating tung oil to bring out the deepest characters in the grain and then finished with 5 coats of SPAR urethane.

    This box is $145, firm.

    Feast your eyes

    Figured Koa

    Thanks for looking
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    Whoo wee, looks like a deep beautiful crystal. Great Work.............

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    "Hey honey remember that $1,000 Koa wood fruit bowl you wanted last time we were in the islands......guess what I found you instead"

    Its a beaut and knowing what that KOA wood costs your price is more than fair. To bad I am $144 short
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    Nice! I bet that Monkey Pod dries up pretty fast too. Second box full is on the way.

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