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    I want to pick up a streamer specific 6wt, so I got to let a 6wt go. I love this rod but my other 6 has sentimental value. The ZXL is a fantastic medium-fast action that is soft enough for tiny drys but has the power needed for double nymph rigs. Throws hoppers like a champ! Rod spent half of it's time rigged up as a second rod on a boat so it has the occasional rub mark in the blank finish, none go into the blank. Hardware is shiny and the cork is fairly clean, 8/10 overall.
    TRADE/SOLD pending funds
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    Will consider trades for other 6wts.

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    If interested I've got a like new Loop Opti Stream 9'-3" 6 wt which is their "Streamer" model. Also have a 691-4 Sage VT2. I would be willing to discuss a trade situation if those interest you at all. PM if interested.

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    Done deal with Marky3130, rod is off to a new home!

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