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Thread: Blank 11 ft 3-4 wt?

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    Hi mates!! Sorry for post late. I buit rods from Angler's Roost and Kingfisher. For my nymphing style (today in Spain we don't use line only long leader and tippet with one or two nymphs) i like the Kingfisher 10" #2. It's a ligthweigh rod with fast recovery (in comparison with Anglers Roost 11" #2/3 which is my second rod). The Kingfisher 11" #3/4 is more a fast rod and for czech isn't as sweet as i like. And the last and most fast of the blanks is Angler's Roost 10" #3/4 i didn't like it, it's a stick, fast and hard, for big fish.
    Sorry for my english!!! Ask if i haven't explained good enought.
    Fredy you have mail!!
    Never got you mail?


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    Quote Originally Posted by sandfly View Post
    I have a 11' 3wt blank from Rodger. looks and feels nice. still have to put it together yet. going with a 10" grip with a small butt to help the balance or the longer rod.
    Please keep us posted on how it turns out.

    Whit style of cork handle are you using? Switch with fighting but or single?

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