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Thread: Goodnews River Help/2 more needed

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    Has anyone fished the Goodnews River?

    I have 4 people lined up for a float next year from August 6-13, 2015 with Goodnews River Float Trips Float Fishing Alaska's Goodnews River

    I've been to Bristol Bay three times with Naknek River Camp :: King Salmon Alaska :: Fishing Lodge and have fished Brooks, Margot, Contact Creek, the Ugashik narrows, the Moraine and am looking to get a bit further north and west. What is surprising about Alaska is that even the fly out spots, especially the Moraine, are pretty crowded (but still fish unbelievably)

    Also, we need two more anglers. It's going to be a fisherman's deluxe trip with a portable shower, cots, camp toilet, etc.

    We're fishing the branch that doesn't require portages.

    Anyone have experience floating the Goodnews? Will it be somewhat less crowded than the streams in the heart of Katmai.

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    I fished the Goodnews the middle two weeks in July some years ago. It's a beautiful river, very scenic, and easy to float. There are no braids, just a single channel so if there is anyone else out there you can expect to run into them. However, we didn't encounter anyone until we hit the lower stretch which is frequented by jet boats from a lodge.
    We had just come off the Alagnak, which was in the middle of a run of five million sockeye, so the Goodnews was comparatively quiet. We got a few nice rainbow and dollies and I saw the biggest king I have ever seen, anywhere. We connected with a few kings, the biggest being 35 pounds.
    We were there a couple of weeks ahead of your planned trip and as you know a couple of weeks is like a couple of months in Alaska's condensed summer season. I'm told by a friend who floats the Goodnews regularly that if fishes really well for silvers in August.
    Good luck and tight lines.

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