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Thread: Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders - when to use what

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    Default Re: Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders - when to use what

    Very different materials; in larger 'pound test' I don't think it makes any/much different save for the fluoro could be much thinner for a given pound test.

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    Default Re: Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders - when to use what

    I you want waste you money on Fluro that's fine.

    I switched back to a quality mono a while back and there was no difference in catch rates. It's another example of anglers getting caught - hook line and sinker.

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    Default Re: Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders - when to use what

    I buy whatever is on sale and use them without ever really thinking about it too be honest. I know I picked up a bunch of fluoro from STP for like 5$ a few months ago that'll last me a few years.

    I just want to fish.

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    Default Re: Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders - when to use what

    Since I regard leader and tippet to importantly be where the "rubber-meets-the-road" in our outfits, price is irrelevant and performance is everything to me. Also I fish by optimal diameter not pound test. Fluorocarbon is ideal when direct connection to the fly techniques are employed...stripping a streamer, tight line nymphing perhaps even swing-swimming a salmon/steelhead fly. I use Fluoro exclusively in all my saltwater angling. Presenting a dry fly, less shinny, better knotting, more supple per diameter and stretchier co-polymer Nylon monofilament is superior in my experience.

    Interestingly, just two days ago I was hanging out with a group of professional Delaware River guides having this material discussion. They see all manor of tackle on their drift boats and, in the high water of this season with streamer fishing often being the morning, before the insects appear, technique of choice, they are using stout, short Fluoro leaders on #'s 7 & 8 rods then switching to looong Nylon leaders on 5-weight rods as the Mayflies commence to emerge.

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    Default Re: Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders - when to use what

    The mono that is made today is night and day better than what they use to put on the shelf. I know some guys who only use fluoro. To each there own but I don't see the need for it most the time

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    Default Re: Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders - when to use what

    Quote Originally Posted by nimblybimbly85 View Post
    So who else is using fluoro line (not tippet) for everything including drys?

    I'd love to buy a giant cheap roll of fluoro and use that for everything.

    Maybe 2 different #s...12lb for streamers, 4lb for nymphs and drys?

    those 250 yard rolls would last me years and years!
    I know a guy who does this. He catches a lot of fish.

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    Default Re: Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders - when to use what

    I'm a creature of habit: my leaders, whether fresh or saltwater, are 2/3 mono and 1/3 fluoro with SeaGuar being the only fluorocarbon I use from 3" trout to 450# marlin. I've never tried to justify my behavior and it doesn't matter to me in the least if everyone else uses something different.

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    Default Re: Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders - when to use what

    I was making up a leader for the salt early yesterday morning. I couldn't find the right diameter fluorocarbon for a mid section so I went with a 20 pound Umpqua hard mono that was handy. When I went to hand tighten the blood knot, the mono snapped about 3 inches from the knot. That's never happened with any comparable pound test fluorocarbon I've used. Something caused that mono to degrade. Whatever happened or caused it to fail I really don't care. I don't want to have to wonder about a material and whether it's old or how it was stored or did it get too hot or the shelf life. Even if you are meticulous about storing and rotating your stash of leader material, you really have no way of knowing if before that mono got to you did that leader material spend weeks out on the Pacific in a 140 degree container. I'll pay a little extra for the leader material that holds up to heat, water, sun, bug spray, and Father Time. Unless you burn through a couple leaders every trip, leader material and leaders are about the cheapest thing about fly fishing. Anyhow, I found the right diameter fluorocarbon and of course it didn't snap when I tightened the blood knot.

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    Default Re: Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders - when to use what

    Quote Originally Posted by ts47 View Post

    Hopefully there will be more of a response to your question. One thought I had that would be the best of both worlds is to use the supple version of Seguar flouro. They have a Grand Max (stiff) and a Grand Max FX that is soft and would give you the drift you want while being virtually invisible to the fish.

    Hi Todd,

    I hope I can convince you that the refractive index advantage of fluorocarbon submerged does not transfer to fluorocarbon that is floating as a dry fly leader. The single advantage is of using only fluorocarbon is that you don't have to change leaders but that is it.

    I still believe that the mono tippet I use is more supple than any fluorocarbon so I use nylon for dries and fluoro for nymphing. So I choose nylon because it is more supple and the Enrico Puglisi tippet I use is significantly stronger in the critical thinner sizes than Seguar. Strength comparison is 4.4 lb vs 3.7 lb in 6X and 5.5 lb vs 4.4 lb in 5X. This is 19% and 25% stronger respectively.

    EP tippet is also a lot cheaper.


    Any leader that floats is NOT less visible to fish. Fluorocarbon has a refractive index similar to water so it is less visible when it is submerged BUT it is visible when surrounded by air. Air to water has a refractive index ratio of 1.33. Air to Fluorocarbon has a refractive index ratio of 1.42. So fluorocarbon surrounded by air can be seen. Obviously we can see both the air/water and air/fluorocarbon interface.

    Furthermore anything that floats on water depresses the meniscus and this meniscal tilt of the water causes differential refraction of light since the light strikes the tilted water at a different angle. So this is seen form below as bright spots on the surface "mirror" and on the stream bottom. This is how fish can detect mayflies that are outside the window. The fish see the depression the mayfly legs and abdomen makes on the meniscus. Notice in the photo below that the floating tippet material can be seen whether it is in the window or outside the window.

    The leader tilt of the meniscus also bends light causing the dark shadows surrounded by bright halos on the stream bottom which is visible in the photo below.



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    Default Re: Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders - when to use what

    I use flouro tippits with a small swivel, not a line to line connection, for Steelhead and Salmon sub surface. Everything else mono.


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