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Thread: Go to stillwater trout patterns

  1. Default Go to stillwater trout patterns

    what are your go to patterns??
    Ive been skunked the past couple days and my tried and true patterns seem to have lost their touch with the recent damsel action going on at the local lakes. while I'm stocking up on damsels i thought ild see what your thoughts are and see if i can add a new line up to the box! Thanks!

    My front 5:
    #10 brown wooly bugger with gold flash
    #8 Zonked out leech without foam
    Red zebra midge
    Para Adams

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    Default Re: Go to stillwater trout patterns

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    90% of the time I'm fishing a very simple fly with no name, little more than a thin marabou tail using the spindliest marabou barbs, and a matching small dubbed body. Sometimes with a couple wraps of J Fair short shuck at the head.
    Black or dark brown usually.
    In the water it's very lively, buggy looking, it's unweighted. I believe it's that lively movement that's critical.

    (I'm on my iPad and can't add a photo, but if you're really curious pm me your email address and I can send you photos.)
    I take much greater pleasure in admiring the works of nature than those of man.

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    Where I was fishing just recently there was a strong dragon fly hatch
    After I figured it out, I literately caught dozens of trout on a fly called a Kennebago Muddler.
    Basically it's a Hornberg with a muddler head
    With dragon fly and damsel nymphs, the fish expect to see them swimming toward shore.

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Most of my lake fishing is done on the East slope of the Sierra Nevada range. I use a lot of different patterns including soft hackles, damsels, dragons, ant patterns, beetles, caddis patterns, midges, Callibaetis, scuds, water boatmen, snail patterns,leech patterns, baitfish and attractors...Here are a few that work for me:

    Sheep Creek Special

    K.G.'s Spring Creek Special (scud)...Hey Kelly, where's the 2.0 version of this?

    Stayner Ducktail...



    SH PT / Partridge & Peacock...

    ...almost anything that this guy ties works in the lakes we frequent: - Fly Fish Stillwaters

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    This list is fluid depending on the location (lowland/mud bottom versus alpine/rock bottom), time of year, and insect activity... but all things being equal, and without contributing factors like hatch activity, my list would probably be:
    -1) PT Chironomid (olive/red rib)
    -2) Smoky/olive Scud
    -3) Rickard's Callibaetis Nymph
    -4) Mity Mouse (beadhead)
    -5) Rickard's Stillwater Nymph

    Time of day has an effect as well. Early morning it will be scuds and/or chironomids to start. Later in the day The Rickard's nymphs are tough to beat.

    Noses poking through the surface changes everything of course... had a lot of fun yesterday casting to cruising fish with a #16 yellow Comparamerger.

    FWIW - Here's my primary stillwater box... more often than not my answers are found herein (although I do carry other boxes as well).

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    Don't see anything wrong with the OP's list; any of those should catch fish.

    My list, as usual, is a bit left field:

    Pink hoppers (spring)
    Yellow or brown hoppers
    orange rubber-legged stimulator
    Blue dun

    Magnum purple simi seal leech with and w/o a beadhead
    Brown with green flash bugger
    Olive damsel nymph
    Tunghead hares ear
    Prince nymph

    My usual set up, especially on new water, is a hopper/dropper. So if I went fishing with you tomorrow I'd probably rig a yellow hopper and tie a damsel nymph or a hares ear 2 ft. below it. Of course, actual weather and water conditions would affect my final choices, but most of the time a hopper /dropper set up is effective for me.

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    Quite the lists! Thanks guys! great looking flies

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    I like the following:
    Various wooly buggers, especially in kind of an off (blood) red or black. Use a bead head 90% of the time
    Prince nymph bead head or not
    Soft hackle in #14 or #16
    Zug Bug
    Various small streamers in #12 or 10. Mickey fin, Little brook trout, grey ghost or bomber
    Am now using midge nymph patterns more and more. I fish them straight down, usually close to the bottom. Saw Phil Rowley at the Denver fly show and a light went on for me.
    Regarding dries, usually something black or dark. Amazingly, trout regularly smash a big stimulator or Royal Wulff when twitched after you leave it motionless for a bit.
    Recommend reading some of the books by Peter Lapsley the English author. Many more trout fishers fish still water than streams in the UK and they seem to have still waters down to a science.

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    Default Re: Go to stillwater trout patterns

    You'll shake out the patterns eventually. FWIW, my one (generally) sound bit of still water advice is to always fish under a foam line if the wind is making them.

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